FILIP Trojovský, crossfit destiny brno 29.10.15

1.athletic part


5 x 20s work/20s rest

*2 min. rest every movement


A. run 150 m to 20 s

B. jump up and down 15 stairs cca. 40 cm

C. HS walk and spiderman push ups

D. again A … hell, fucking run!!!

E. Core

F. 2 rounds strict HSPU + 3 kipping



2. Strength training in the CrossFit Destiny Brno


A. 2x Power Snatch to 90%

up to 10 kg … 20-90 kg


B. Snatch DL – pause at the knees – snatch high pull and again

100-110-120-130-135 kg


C. Front Squat 5 reps

60-70-80-90-100-110-120-130 kg


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