filip trojovský Crossfit destiny brno 3.11.15
  1. Strength and Oly in the CrossFit Destiny Brno


A. Snatch Comlex : Snatch + Hang power snatch + OHS

up to 10 kg … 20-100 kg

105 kg fail hang power snatch


B. CnJ complex: Power Clean+ squat clean + jerk

up to 10 kg … 40 -120 kg

130 kg only CnJ



2 . Athletic interval „beach“ training

5 RNT : 10 s work/10 s rest … every movement 1 min. rest


A. shuttle run

B. running sideways

C. running back

D. HS Walk

E. Jumping on one leg

F. deer jumping

G. calves jump on the spot

H. Bear run


CH. 10 RNT : 20 s work/ 20 s rest  of shuttle run






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