filip trojovský crossfit destiny crew bestie open 7.11.15

In The CrossFit Destiny Brno with friends


A. 3 x Snach T&G

*power-half squat-squat snatch up to 10 kg

20-80 kg

*squat snatch

90-100-105-110-115 kg (5 x)


B. 3 x snatch high pull

120 – 130 -140 kg


C. EMOM 15 min. with my gang

10 x comlex (T2B & „C2B“)

10 x alt. pistols with (12-16-24-24-24 kg) KTB

10 m HS walk


D. AMRAP 7 min. with 60 kg



hang power clean

front squat

push press

burpee over bar


me: 6 rtn+ 21 reps

Majkl: 6 rtn+ 25 reps


 Then we were at competitions for beginners here in Brno and we are very proud of the achievements of our CFD children!!!


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