CrossFit DESTINY – Brno – Filip Trojovsky – TRAINING – 25.9.15 snatch ladder

Nice part with Marian Kužma in CrossFit Destiny made my day!!!

Combination of two pre-workout from SUPERIOR 14:  #NoRebirth and #stanbolX


A. Snatch 3x  (power, half and squat) up to 10 kg

30-90 kg




C. Clean and Jerk comlex

1 x power clean

1 x squat clean

1 x jerk

up to 10 kg

me: 40-110 kg

Marian PR for power clean 105 kg … GRAZ!!!


D. regional wod 13.6

CrossFit DESTINY – Brno – Filip Trojovsky


Me: 11:52

Marian 15:25


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